Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sewing and buttons

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some sewing projects I had in the works. 
With the help of a few solid naps and The Elder and The Younger on button patrol I was able to finish them up today.
Here is the dress for The Youngest. It came out a little short, but I decided it was o.k. since shorter dresses are better for crawling, when she's not trotting around on her sweet little legs.
The Elder and The Younger worked together cutting out and covering the buttons from some extra skirt fabric.
Since The Elder's sweater has completed buttonholes, the button covering continued, and The Elder did these all on her own.
The top I cut out for The Elder came out too short, so I added a few inches to the bottom. It doesn't look all that great, I think I'll add a tuck at the seam.
If I finish it up in time, this will be The Elder's Easter outfit.
Since her birthday is in early April, The Youngest's dress can double for Easter and a 1st birthday party dress.
Now to plan what I'll make for The Younger. I have some sweater plans, and maybe a tie.
What's on your creative to-do list?


  1. looking really good !
    can't wait to see them modeled :)

  2. Really cute, and so fun that the kids helped out!