Monday, February 11, 2013

While She Was Sleeping

My life has calmed down a bit since last year and I am able to pick up a few shifts at the fabric store each month. This has lead me to be tempted by the pretty fabrics and while I don't think I am spending everything I am making there on said fabrics, I'm probably not taking too much home from the old paycheck.
So, I spent a little time this weekend getting a start on some sewing projects for my ladies.
First, I planned a dress for The Youngest with a knitted bodice and a fabric skirt.
The bodice is a mash-up of the Tummy Warmer pattern from Petite Purls and a lovely leafy border I found via Google. I cast on on Saturday and finished up the knitting yesterday evening while watching the Grammys.
This morning The Youngest obliged me with a lovely nap, so while she was sleeping I got a couple more things done.
The skirt is a quarter yard of Liberty of London fabric that we're carrying right now at Treadle Yard Goods. It's really pricey for a cotton lawn, but spending $12 for fabric for a baby dress didn't sound too exorbitant. Also, the yarn was from my stash, so that was free ;)
I made a tube with a french seam and doubled over the top and bottom so no raw edges are showing.
Next I have to gather and sew in the skirt and then I'm thinking of trimming the sleeves and collar in the lawn and maybe covering a couple of buttons too.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed that one of our Kokka double gauze fabrics was almost gone, so I rescued the last yard and a half and brought it home to make a peasant top for The Elder.
I got a pattern but I didn't want to cut it, since it goes up to size 14. 
I was feeling a little too lazy to trace it, however, so I came up with a solution -
I made dots with a sharpie along the cutting lines and since it bleeds through it left dots on the fabric which I could sketch together and cut along the lines.
It worked like a charm!
Here is a close-up of the pattern on the fabric-

I think I had better get this sewn up quick, since she's 9 and who knows how long she'll want to wear little kitties and flowers.
Oh for a million dollar job so I could sew everything out of double gauze, this stuff is dreamy!
The purple is for a skirt.
These should be finished up by the time the snow melts, and I may be able to whip up a cardigan to go along with the outfit.

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What's on your worktables today?


  1. what a fun post !
    lovely Liberty of London fabric!! I didn't know any local stores even sold it.
    that is a clever method for using/cutting out a sewing pattern ~ I will have to keep that in mind for future reference.
    I have heard good things about double gauze, so I will have to get my hands on some of it some day...

  2. Oh I would be so tempted too! I love the first little dress, hope you post pictures of the finished products!! Found you through KCCO.