Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep Calm and Craft On

The past couple of weeks have seen plenty of creative activity over here in the fifth lamp house.
I was able to get a lot of progress made on my Rocky Coast Sweater while I was on my little getaway, and now I only have about half a sleeve left.
I have also been working long hard hours at the quilt and wall hanging and I was able to finish up the quilt yesterday
Here is a reminder of the mock-up that I made for my presentation to the teachers
and here is the finished product with squares embroidered by the 2nd graders.
Such beautiful work from these kids!
 The wall hanging is almost finished, I just have to add the last few leaves (I fused on the majority of the leaves, but I am adding in the last 20 or so by only sewing half of the leaf down so they give the project a little more dimension) and then some grass on the bottom to balance it all out.
I also taught a couple of classes this weekend at the yarn store and the fabric store.
The class at the fabric store was Fun Stuff with Felt, and since it is almost Valentines Day I whipped up some heart-themed crafts.
I saw this one on cruising Google for valentine-related felt crafts -
and there was more than one site which suggested making conversation hearts from felt, so I made up a bunch and strung them together on a garland 
No one in the class was interested in making these, but at least now I have a sweet Valentine's Day decoration for the house.
Joining Nicole for Keep Calm and Craft On today.


  1. lots of fun project going on for you :)
    I'm so impressed with the hand embroidery by the 2nd graders !

  2. Beautiful creations Jess! Lots of inspiration here. Thank you for sharing!

  3. The quilt is beautiful. What a great project to take into school.

  4. You've been one busy lady! It will be fun to hear the students'/teachers' reactions when they see how beautifully you've put their work together. The sweater is looking so great!

  5. Your cardigan is looking great! Looks like we will be seeing a picture of you in it soon. And I love the garland! So cute and clever. :)

  6. Jess, I love all of this! You are so inspiring! Where will the quilt and wall hanging end up (at school or elsewhere)? And will you do this next year when E is in third??? I'll help. :-)