Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Stills (a day late)

I spent the weekend with The Singers on a singing tour of central Minnesota.
We sang with some really talented and committed young people. It was terrific fun!
We didn't get back until after 8 yesterday, and as the baby hadn't taken much liquid nourishment since I left on Saturday (still resistant to the idea of a bottle, but don't worry, she eats solids) I spent the evening nursing said sweet babe.
Consequently, I am a day late with my weekly stills.

The Youngest is taking a few shaky steps here and there. 
I got these peg people for the kids to paint. They jumped right in and though the dining room table is a paint-covered mess (along with the floor) fun was had and the little people are sweet.
We drove back from Baxter, MN, where we spent our second day of touring, through a pretty exciting snow storm. Our driver was a pro, and he made great time getting us home.
This is my favorite kind of snowstorm. So very beautiful.

What's going on in your world today?
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  1. ahhh being late is SO my thing!

    Looks like its pretty wild and woooly there indeed!

    xo em