Monday, January 14, 2013


Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to one of my favorite junk/antique shops - The Mall of Saint Paul.
I was on the lookout for a typewriter that was more functional than the one we currently have. Unfortunately, though I went in willing to pay between $15 and $20, they wanted me to pay between $50 and $99, so I didn't come away with one.
Some other things that didn't quite make the cut - 
 The Hubby loves his Baileys on a chilly winter night, but as these were a sugar bowl and creamer I opted not to get them (why anyone would need a creamer and sugar bowl for a Baileys is kind of beyond me...) he thought they were creepy anyway, so I'm glad I left them there.
 Cooking With Soup. I don't know why I was so tickled by this title, but I was. Perhaps it is the photo?
This map was my favorite thing, by far, though it was far outside my price range and it was huge so I don't know where it would realistically go in my house.
In the end I did get a new juicer for me and a super fun mailbox toy for The Youngest.

So it turned out to be a productive trip, even though I didn't get what I was looking for. Next time, perhaps.

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  1. I miss living a lock from there so badly! (Although it's much better for my wallet, I suppose.)