Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Stills

Since I spend the most time with her, The Youngest is the star of Weekly Stills
1. Crackerface
2. Ice Fishing on a 40 degree day, not too brainy...
3. My dream home is for sale. Now to win that powerball.
4. Bundled for a sleepy walk.
5. Gloomy view from the fifth lamp down.
6. Downtown from the fifth lamp south.
7. The Youngest dressed like a polar bear (alternate from yesterday's 3 of 52)

Joining Emily for Weekly Stills.


Sarah Raaen said...

Your images are beautiful, Jess - this snowy landscape looks lovely, even in its 'gloominess' from the fifth lamp down.

So lovely to meet you!

Sar x

Wendy said...

The old house is my favorite. Did you knit the sweater/wrap/shawl the Youngest has on? It's lovely!

oscarlucinda said...

Oh gosh those chilly pictures feel so foreign - it's sweltering here! Love the knitted polar look...Lovely to have found your space - thanks for the comment. 52 is such a great way to meet other bloggers x

Erika said...

Great pictures! I love your babies wintery clothes:)

Holli said...

Beautiful photos. The snow looks gorgeous.

kell said...

Oh the snow!! It looks beautiful in your photos, where we are it's been so hot and your snow looks fabulous! Thanks so much for your lovely comment today, I'm loving finding so many new blogs through Em's too. Your photos are lovely. Have a good week x