Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Applique Project

I posted a few weeks ago about a fun project teaching 2nd graders embroidery.
After finishing up some pre-Christmas stuff, I jumped back in to the assembly of our tree today.
Now, in a perfect world, when you want to applique something with felt you apply wonder under to the felt prior to cutting it out and then you can just iron it on.
With the kids, however, we just cut out the felt. We avoided having beautifully embroidered sticky sides this way.

So to apply the wonder under I arranged them face-down on parchment paper and laid the fusible webbing on top, then when I ironed the lot I didn't get sticky glue all over the ironing board.
Then I could cut out around the leaves and also catch the little hanging out threads away without having anything fray.
Now I just have to arrange the 105 leaves on the tree, and attach them. Should be lots of fun.
The hearts above will be a flower garden.
Can I just say that the kids did amazing work on this stuff? I am so impressed with everything they made.

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