Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

Today I was able to get some concentrated stitching time in on the Tree project, and I thought I'd share the process here.
The goal for today was to embroider the words Friendship is a Sheltering Tree in the open space.
I am not the world's most competent free-hand artist, so I knew that I would have to use Word and find a font I liked.
I didn't want to risk writing directly on the fabric, so I traced the phrase onto cheesecloth and basted it into place on the hanging.

Once it was on the piece I did a simple running stitch along the words.

and when I was finished I trimmed the cheesecloth close to the words and pulled it away.
After the cheesecloth was removed I went over the running stitch with a wrap, filling in the spaces, and was left with this -
The last decisions are whether or not to add more leaves and whether to stitch just Coleridge or Samuel Taylor Coleridge below.
I think just Coleridge would be best, but I do get caught up in the what-ifs of designing...


  1. I've never seen that cheesecloth trick! The leaves are fantastic!