Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wishing for Spring

If you saw my post yesterday, you know that we're having some unseasonable weather here in Minnesota. Today was much more pleasant, I'm almost convinced that it's Spring.
Even if it's not quite the beautiful late April we're used to, I still had the itch (which is admittedly rare) to do a little spring cleaning and re-arranging.
The major shift happened on our front porch, which has been a catch-all for junk and stuff that's on its way to the Goodwill, and outdoor stuff for years.
Today I moved out a big empty dresser and rotated the table and love seat to make a cozy place for homework. 

 Then I brought most of our extraneous pillows over and made a pillow pit.
The Youngest and I spent most of the day out here looking at books and snuggling.
She also got in some bike time.

And, speaking of bike time, The Elder and The Younger have been growing and growing, just last Saturday we had to trade up The Elder's violin to the next size, and each of them have outgrown their bikes since last Summer.

So The Elder and I took a trip to our favorite bike shop and found this beauty.
I would estimate its birth around 1993, if the color scheme is any indicator.

She's pretty chuffed about it, as you can see, and even this borderline ridiculous weather isn't gonna stop her from enjoying a bike ride around the neighborhood.
The Younger has a new/hand-me-down bike and now we're ready for Spring.
Not to be impatient, but it has been over 5 months since our first snowfall and I wouldn't mind putting away the mittens and boots.

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