Friday, April 11, 2008

Harlot Night

Well, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came to Saint Paul last night.
What a wit!
She was so funny!
Also very informative.
We learned all about the four states of brain activity and what to say to rude people who discount knitting as a quaint activity.
She also does a spot-on impression of an attacking deer.
What a night to leave the camera at home. grr.
The weather was horrid.
Rain, WIND, sleet, snow.
'Round here we call that "winter mix" not that the result is anywhere as cute as the name.
We were expecting about 600 people and about 470 came.
A Wonderful crowd.
I will now demand that you all go to Ms. P's and Shelly's to see what there was to see.
The knitted goods were dazzling.
There were at least two Tangled Yoke Cardigans, one in red, a fine choice.
(Someday I will share my Tangled Yoke story)
Really the list of knitting present last night is too broad and deep to mention all of it.
Just follow the links above, you'll be blown away.

The last thing here is really the first thing on the program last night.
We totally lucked out at the Yarnery in that we have some really fine musicians working there.
The aforementioned Ms. P is an hilarious lyricist.
She rewrote the lyrics to How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, My Favorite Things, and Edelweiss and we did a little tribute to The Harlot before the show.
We also had our terrific Mens Knit-Night leaders Scott and Eric on piano and singing bass respectively.
It was a TON of fun!
I even got to pull out the guitar (after an 11 year hiatus since open mic night in junior year of college) on Stephanie (Edelweiss) and then the crowd joined in and it was an event unto itself.

Thanks to the Yarn Harlot for coming and making such a fun night for us all!
And special super duper thanks to Maura!!! and Shelly!!!! for their tireless work as the amazing planners of the event.

Have a relaxing Friday


  1. Hi Jess!
    I agree with you -- what a teriffic night, despite the weather. Made so much greater by the Yarnery family singers! ("have we gone too far, or not far enough?") You and the group made it extra fun. Your Christmas sox are awesome, BTW. ~ Julie M.(woolyjooly on Rav.)

  2. And thanks to you, you talented number!

  3. Hey, Jess - I'm getting lots of comments on my post about Harlot night, and most of them are really for you and the other singers about how much they loved the songs. Just thought you should go read all the messages and feel great about it. There are almost two thousand views on those videos now!