Thursday, February 26, 2009

second time's the charm

I have recently been aware that no cold lasts 15 years, and maybe the reason that I have constant post-nasal drip and coughing is the dairy in my diet.
So, yesterday, I made the decision to cut out dairy for a week or two to see if I feel better.
All day yesterday I had moments of dumbness, like "I am a little munchy, how 'bout some cheese? Oh, right, or some yogurt, hmmm, Chocolate?...nope."
My hope is that this will abate over the course of the next couple of weeks.

I did not, however, give up all dietary fun, and this afternoon the Hug-a-Bugs and myself made a batch of dairy-free cupcakes.

I used the recipe from this book for Emergency Snacking Cake.
I had hoped to make a wacky cake from my Grandma Pearl's recipe, but I couldn't find it.

It went o.k. even though we hit a few snags.

The first is the tiny fit thrown by the Elder when the only apron was going to the Younger, even though I made it for her when she was three.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation I threw together a new apron for the Elder.
Because of an earlier ribbon-buying spree, I had about a yard of cute flower twill tape in the stash and I sewed it along the top edge of a kitchen towel.
Easy make, easy wear, easy care.
The apron situation sorted, we began on the batter.There was enough excitement (and I use that term loosely) making the batter that I forgot the baking soda.
Well, cupcakes don't rise without leavening.

So while the kids ate their lunches, I made a quick second batch and they came out perfectly.

I didn't like these as much as my grandma's recipe, but they do well in a snacking emergency.

I leave you with a hint of spring,My mom took some cuttings from her lilac bushes and put them in water a week or two ago, and her front window is full of greeny goodness, I just had to do the same.
It sure is nice to see something green and growing.

Have a fun afternoon,


  1. what a stellar idea for elder. I'm stealing the idea and not afraid to say so. Lucky for me I have a crafty friend such as yourself who shares ideas so openly.

    Good luck with dairy free..

  2. wait. in order to make cupcakes you first had to make an apron? you really are a super mom (and super-mom! someone must make you a cape.).

    hope your no-dairy experiment goes well. i am not allergic, but no longer drink milk after a brief stint as a vegan. it was brief as i could not live without cheese! so i still eat cheese and yogurt, but soymilk replaces regular milk in cereal and cooking/baking...

    i had no idea that one could take lilac cuttings and see green this time of year! i must try it.

    (sorry for the long comment, have a great weekend!)

  3. You should totally submit this to the Sublime Stitching Upcycling Contest.