Friday, February 13, 2009

Lack of focus

I am suffering from a major lack of focus right now.

But before I go on with that thought, thanks for the sweet comments on my swap package!
To answer Early Bird Special, I took the pattern that I made up for One Yard Wonders and reduced it by half on my copier/printer.

Back to my lack of focus-
After working on the stuff for the Handmade Swap for a couple of weeks, I feel like I don't know quite how to proceed after I sent it off.
There are sweaters to knit, rooms to re-organize, cookies to bake (which I have had to get up and tend to during the writing of this post), and to top it all off, the weather has been actually nice here in the north.
We are kind of hermit-y in the winter.
I don't like getting cold or wet and especially don't like getting wet and cold.
That said, we were able to get out and run around a little yesterday.
Just last week, this field was covered in about a foot and a half of snow, but we have had a few 40-something degree days and it has all melted away.
I am also part of another swap, I just can't stop signing up for them, to send out 10 small squares of fabric to 14 people and get back 10 squares from each of them.
They have been arriving a couple at a time for about a week and I get so excited when they arrive, but I have a natural fear of all that which is not symmetrical or rainbow, so it will be a giant challenge to actually assemble a quilt top.
I have to pick up the Elder Hug-a-Bug now, and hope that she wasn't mortified by the fact that she seemed to be the only kid who didn't give out any candy with her valentines...



  1. the lack of sun over the last few days has rendered me totally unmotivated! my poor sweater won't be finished before the end of feb. sigh.

    happy valentine's day!

  2. My eldest bub passed out Valentines with no sweetie attached unlike anyone else in his class, and seemed not remotely phased or concerned... Hope this was true of your Sweetie too!