Monday, March 2, 2009

Green Week

I know, we just got done with Yellow Week, but I couldn't resist joining in with Green Week too.I made this in college and it is probably the best thing I have ever painted.
It hangs in our office.
It used to hang in the living room, but I would get occasionally worried that people would be offended by the nakedness, and yet here I am putting it out into the internets for anyone to see.
Have a happy green week!


  1. What a lovely painting. I say hang it up~!

  2. I struggle with the whole, would this be offensive to someone idea too. Though for some reason, I have noticed that it is a nude drawing/painting instead of a photo people tend to give it some slack. They don't necessarily consider it offensive. But for some reason a nude photo sometimes elicits a bad reaction. There is also the differences between male and female for subject matter too. Female nudes get cut more slack sometimes. Weird. It is a lovely painting. It is good that you are so considerate of your guest that you would think to hang it somewhere that gets less traffic in your home. Did you receive a comment on the painting from a guest or a family member directly?

  3. It's lovely Jess and I don't know who visits your office but I know I wouldn't be offended!

  4. Thanks, guys!
    No one has ever said anything about the painting, it is just something I have always worried about, but not enough to keep it out of sight...
    Enjoy the rest of green week!

  5. I commented on this painting on the flickr group, but wanted to stop and say "hi" here too. I have a beautiful oil my mother did in college of a dress form, but have always hesitated to hang it in my living room - and it's not even a real body! But I do love the painting.