Friday, September 11, 2009

Anyone have any recommendations for a down-time plan for a new-to-full-time-school little lady?


  1. Sure, this is when the youngun's do their chores and finish their studies for the day! And then, they make dinner for you and clean the house!

    Good luck!

  2. a glass of wine? no, wait, that's probably not a good idea...

  3. Coloring seems to calm down my students and my kids. And my kids are recently into beading necklaces.

    Could you find her a place away from younger brother where she can just sit quietly and craft for a few minutes?

    Another idea is books on tape/CD from the library. My kids love them (especially my older one). She knows how to run the stereo to start the book over and she'll just sit and do that for quite awhile, quietly flipping the pages along with the story. Your gal could be alone in a room while you run interference with the bro.

  4. I second the books on tape. We have a slew (is that how that is spelled?) of them from E's grandma (a former 1st grade teacher) and a great old-school tape recorder that she uses to listen to them. You are welcome to borrow a few to assess interest before investment. Drop me a line if interested:

  5. Nope, none. I'm horrible at down time. Seth needed some too after his 1st week of preschool and I ended up letting him watch videos and play on the internet way, way too much. Probably because I needed some down time too. He does not like coloring or I'd be all over that.

  6. We did the tv the first day, and that went fine, but I don't think it should be an everyday thing.
    I will try books on tape.
    Thanks for the advice everyone!