Monday, September 14, 2009


She came home with her lunch bag today! It had been left over the weekend in her locker.
A little gross to clean out the 3-day-old leftover applesauce, but what a relief to get it back.
I can still remember the smell of my thermos after I forgot to clean out the orange juice from the day before. I wonder where the Elder Hug-a-Bug gets her forgetful ways...

In response to Jessica's question, the sandwich wrap is from Sewing Green.
The lunch bag is from that book too.
What a terrific book, just let me say, I want to make about 5 more projects from it.

The snack bag was just a left-over piece of the lining for the lunch bag. It was a square and I folded it in half, wrong sides together, sewed around, turned it right side out and put on some velcro to close it.
It works great for crackers or chips or cookies.
I bet it would work well for grapes too.
The fabric for this and the sandwich wrap is vinyl-coated cotton.
This stuff is great to work with, it sews like a dream, there is minimal finishing (none if you don't mind the look of a straight edge) and it comes in fun prints.

I may bore you all soon with before and after pictures of my bathroom, we're remodeling this week and probably the next couple of weeks too.


  1. Glad she found it! Hope the applesauce wasn't too difficult to remove 8-) What a great set.

  2. Those are awesome!

    I for one can't wait to be "bored" by the pictures of the bathroom!

  3. Oh, thank goodness it was found! I have Sewing Green too and want to make these 2 very same projects. Actually, all 3. I was looking at reusable snack bags and figured it would be easy to make a couple of those too. Do they sell that fabric at Treadle? I've been wondering where to buy it.

  4. Such sweet lunch bags!
    I love to see alternative ways to store food!