Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's not my fault

I put the blame solely on Meg from Elsie Marley.
Here I was, minding my own business, reading blogs and I came across her photo of homemade oreo cookies.
Well, what could I possibly do but make some too?
I couldn't find the recipe I had used in the past for whoopie pies, but Google never lets a girl down, and I found one I could use in a pinch.
The secret to the deliciousness of this confection is the filling, which is a blend of shortening (If I could eat dairy I would use butter, but as it is I used vegan buttery sticks) sugar, vanilla and marshmallow fluff.

Mmmm. These are deadly.
I will try to freeze some of them, otherwise I will eat them all.


Meema said...

OMG, those were tasty little morsels you brought in tonight! Will have another in my dreams, no doubt.

painted fish studio said...

ooooo, yummy. and i would eat them all, too, which is why i don't like to bake.

but this morning i found a giant zucchini in my garden, and i told my co-workers i'd make them zucchini bread. which i did make tonight, but i also put some batter in my muffin tin. and then i ate 6 muffins. arg...