Friday, May 7, 2010


When I was little, and it may go on still, there was a section of the Saint Paul newspaper where folks could send in little stories and photos that were cute or funny or sweet, and there would always be a disclaimer on one section "Warning: Cute Kid Story Ahead."

I was always really annoyed by this.

What's wrong with cute kid stories?
And isn't the kid story cute enough that you don't need to en-cute-en it with a cheesy title?

Anyway, I was young and didn't have any cute kids of my own, and so I didn't quite realize how much people really like to tell cute kid stories, nor did I realize that people might not want to hear about other people's cute kids.

So flash forward 20 years or so, and here I am with a blog almost entirely dedicated to the cuteness of my own children.

That said, look at the wonderful art that my Elder Hug-a-Bug is making at school!
Now this first one is just cute.
She copied the emotions chart from school
This next one really shows by baby's skills
It's for sure that I wasn't making anything like this when I was 6.
She is really quite proud of her self-portrait, and so am I.


  1. Wow, that shows a lovely grasp of proportion...I love the lips!

  2. Super talented. I imagine you'll want to show off her artwork but fear you may soon run out of wall space if she carries in like this!
    X X

  3. What a fantastic self portrait!

    It's interesting how 20 years of life experience changes your view of things, eh?