Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paper Typing Machine

I was cleaning out our garage last Saturday and I found one of my old typewriters.

I used to collect all sorts of things.
Egg cups, canning crocks, antique school books (o.k., I still collect these, but that's fodder for another post) and typewriters.
The typewriter collection was small, only 3, I didn't get very far, but I love their look.
At one point I had a Royal with beveled glass windows in the sides so you could see the inner workings.
I was young and foolish, and I traded it in for a bicycle.

In my freshman year of college I typed up all of my papers for my writing class on a portable Smith Corona that is green, and lovely.
I think it's still in the house somewhere, but I haven't found it yet.

The typewriter that I did find is this Smith Corona Silent.
Some parts had fallen off, but after a little tinkering I was able to make it type.
Now it's the favorite thing in the house for the children.In an occurrence of serendipity, Amanda has a post today about typewriters too.
Scroll down and see the line-up of kids on typewriters, so sweet.
I think I need to find one more for us.


  1. Ha! I just read Amanda's post and then saw yours. I guess we need to get our hands on a typewriter!!

  2. love that you collected typewriters! hope you find the green one, i'd love to see it!