Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Which I Describe My Activities of the Past Weekend

The weekend of May 8 and 9 was very full of activities for me and my family.
Saturday began with a visit to Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival.
Last year my friend Nancy and I took our families and the kids got tired and chilled and we all went home, then Nancy and I returned alone.
This year we decided to skip the tantrums and go by ourselves.
I was having such fun I didn't take a single photo! But I did get some great stuff.
We were both intrigued by the corn fiber yarn. It's a little crunchy on the ball, but the samples they had after washing had a beautiful hand.

As Nancy is a spinner, she encouraged me to try spinning again.
The roving is from Handmade By Stephania, and I also got a new spindle.
This ball of roving exactly matched the scarf I wore to the festival, so I am going to try to knit some mittens to match out of this yarn.

One of the last booths we saw was covered in antique saris. The purveyor was selling them for people to cut them into strips and knit with them.
I couldn't bear to let this one go that road, so I rescued it.

It just happened that I had been invited to a birthday party that evening, and the dress was international.
I have another sari, but I wore this one instead.On Mother's Day after singing at church we took a trip to Gertens, which is a huge gardening store.
It was the first nice-ish day in a week or so, and we have a reasonable expectation of no more frosts, so we, and about 2000 other people, decided to put some new plants in the garden.

Sunday afternoon the House of Hope Choir School had their annual end-of-year concert.
Our 5 choirs all performed a couple of songs, and the 4th-12th graders sang Vivaldi's Gloria.
It was magnificent!
My kids gave me some lovely Mother's Day gifts -The Elder grew these marigold seedlings from seed at school.The younger made this at his preschool.
He has been telling me about a secret purple flower for about a month.
It was a real treat to see it in person.

I hope your weekend was fun, I hope your Mother's Day was relaxing, talk to you all soon.


  1. doesn't wearing a sari feel elegant and comfortable all at the same time? Gorgeous fabric.

  2. What a full & fabulous weekend! I've never heard yarn described as crunchy, I'm intrigued. Can't wait to see what you do with it. All the spinning that's going on is tempting me to break out my drop spindle. I haven't spun in almost 30 years and when I did I was a preteen purist, carding my own fleece vs using pretty prepared roving. I think I might enjoy using the prepared stuff more.