Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of the Year

Last year at this time, Amy from A Commonplace Life had a great suggestion.
Instead of looking ahead to the new year, and trying to change your own behavior, or anything else that you don't like about yourself or your life, look back at the year past and celebrate the good things.

This was a year of

Sounds like a good one to me.
1. snow beard, 2. Sunrise, 3. Digging in the Snow, 4. Blue Moon, 5. All Gussied Up, 6. Snowy, 7. Frolicking, 8. Two-fisted facepainting, 9. Loosing a tooth, gaining a pillow, 10. Chatting over Croquet, 11. Splash, 12. Magnolias, 13. Chicory Tank, back, 14. Throwing Rocks, 15. Sunset on the Mississippi, 16. Sunrise, Lake Yellowstone, 17. July 5, 18. July 13, 19. July 14, 20. July 15, 21. DSCN0623, 22. July 24, 23. DSCN0641, 24. Frolicking, 25. Sun Tea, 26. Giant Swings, 27. After the Fair, 28. Riding with the Sun, 29. Kid-Sized Willow Tree, 30. Wonderful Light, 31. Magic Light, 32. punkins, 33. Rah! I'm Wolverine!, 34. Big Wind, 35. Flurries on a Leaf, 36. Brilliant sky

What made this year a good one for you?


  1. Good photos and list. I hope you have the best New Year ever.

  2. i couldn't agree more! and what a good year it was :)