Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's a marshmallow world out here in Saint Paul, unfortunately that means that everything you see is varying shades of white, gray and deeper gray.
Here is an example- (underneath that giant pile of snow is my back flower garden)
The other day I was bringing the Elder Hug-a-Bug to school and I spied a shop window filled with a literal rainbow of glass, ceramic and enamel goodness.
I had to stop by yesterday and check it out.

I didn't buy anything. It was enough for me to be surrounded by color.
The kind shop owner let me take lots of photos and pet her cat, and it just what I was needing in my life.
If I could afford her prices, I would bring this colorful pile of wool throws home with me, however I wouldn't want to deprive others of their beauty.


Rachel Le Grand said...

i, too am drawn to color when shopping. i came across something similar last summer when at a flea market ~ all the colorful glass ~ i had to take photos !

Sarah Jane said...

I've never been in there, but have always looked twice. I'll have to pop in sometime!

gb72797 said...

I LOVE Practical Goods! And you just have to buy in small amounts..She also gives a discount to MPR members!

affectioknit said...

Ooooh! Pretty!

Jess said...

It is Practical Goods! They're closing at the end of April. The building owner is letting go of all of her tenants.
I hope that the kind owner of the shop will be able to find another spot to rent.

gb72797 said...

Let's ALL help this owner out by purchasing something . I can always use more bright wooly blankets or a basket. How about the rest of you?