Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Better

I rebuilt the table yesterday, and it's a little better.
Pretty wobbly, but I think if I replace the legs with IKEA ones it will be better.
I love having a counter-high table that I can move around the room.
The hubby doesn't like it, but hopefully he'll come around.
In other news, it's cold and I like pancakes.We've been having cooking lessons in the mornings, very informally, and the Elder made those pancakes herself.
Flipped them and everything!


  1. Beautiful work, Jess! One way to make it more stable without new legs would be to add a 1x2 underneath the tabletop, between each of the legs, then put a small corner brace between each of those. I can send you a drawing if it helps.

  2. that is ... if that isn't what you already did!