Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lots of Sewing

I have been making lots of models for Treadle lately, and I got a couple of them back this week.
Since I forgot to take photos of them when I made them, I thought I would put some up now.
This pink one is made from a linen/cotton blend, so it's really wrinkly, and I didn't iron it, because it will always be really wrinkly when the Elder wears it.
The fabric is an import from Japan, and it was such a charming, delicate border print, I just couldn't resist making up this jumper. Never mind that she already has too many dresses...
The pattern is McCalls M5692.
I liked it, but the straps are a little long, and the dress must be paired with a shirt of some kind.

This ensemble is made from a print and a solid from ModKid by Patty Young.
I love her prints, they're so joyful.
The pattern is also from McCalls - M5794.
The pants and the top came together pretty well, but the undershirt (which you can see peeking through) is a very odd shape.
Too wide and too short.
It looks OK on the Elder anyway, and it's tucked away inside the top so nobody knows about its wierdness but you and me.

What are you making this week?


  1. Deleted my first comment because I didn't realize my husband was signed in on the computer 8-)

    The fabric on the first dress is lovely. I'm working on an Easter dress for Ivy, I think it might be the first thing I've made for her in almost a year. She's finally outgrown most of the other dresses I've made her. I'm using a vintage pattern from 1957 I bought in a lot from Ebay probably about 10 years ago that I never used.

  2. the fabric imported from Japan is amazing !!

  3. still LOVE this fabric. So, so, so, tempting.