Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flood 2011

We have had a very snowy winter, and now we have a very full river system as it all melts.
I trotted over to the High Bridge to take a few photos today and this is what I saw -
The waters ran high last year too.
I was just going through those photos and it seems worse this year, but not by too much.
When I was walking back to my car from the bridge I started chatting to a neighbor who seemed disappointed about the flood. She was expecting something a little more spectacular.
She grudgingly admitted that it was probably best for the folks with riverfront condos if the water didn't get any higher.

Also, as I was going along my favorite woodsy path, I saw these footprints all over.Here is my foot for reference -What do you think? Wild turkey? Heron? Big Bird?


  1. I think it's a turkey. We used to see turkeys wandering around in spring and fall especially around our house on Michigan St.

    Thanks for the newsy update! As they say, it could always be worse. :)

  2. Turkey makes sense, we have them trotting through the neighborhood often enough