Thursday, July 5, 2012


I had a pretty lackluster to crappy birthday on Monday.
The night before I stayed up later than normal trying to stave off my third occurrence of mastitis since the Youngest was born.
Hot compresses, ibuprofen, pumping, all to no avail, I was still pretty sick in the morning.
I went to the doctor and he was concerned that since it was indeed my third time that perhaps there was an underlying cause that hadn't been previously identified.
Now you never really want to hear the words inflammatory malignancy, but on your birthday they're especially unwelcome.
We had planned to see Brave with the kids in the afternoon, and then head out for dinner, and I hoped to pick up a birthday cake from BitterSweet, which is an allergen sensitive bakery close by.
So, as we were deciding our afternoon plans, I went to check the holiday hours at BitterSweet and they were closed for the entire week.
No birthday cake, possible cancer and I'm back on antibiotics which cause tummy troubles for The Youngest.
On the bright side, the movie was excellent and we had a nice dinner out, notwithstanding the milkshake kerfuffle that the Younger endured (his first caramel milkshake came in a leaky cup, the second one was a salted caramel, not to his taste at all, and the third fell on the floor.)

Tuesday brought better news - the breast ultrasound was clear, and the radiologist seemed annoyed that the doctor had even brought up cancer, since I wasn't presenting with most of the symptoms.
Also, I baked my own cake - dairy-free and lemon curd-filled.
Yesterday we celebrated three birthdays at my in-laws, since my Father-in-law and Mother-in-law both have birthdays this week too, and had a lovely time.
Then I got home and as I was cruising Ravelry I saw this -

Dude. The universe is sending me a sign and an apology for my sucky birthday.

I'm off to the Home Depot for a 1" x 4" today and hopefully I'll have a spinning wheel by the end of the month!


  1. Hi there. Last time I came over I couldn't see any of your images for some reason. That's better.

    Thank you for coming over and commenting on my blog especially as you reminded me about putting ginger in my cough drink. I did edit it and put a link over to your blog as a thank you for the reminder.

    Sorry to hear about your problem on your birthday...I've heard that cabbage leaves are supposed to be good. I know it sounds a bit weird! There are a couple of links here that may help

    I know it sounds a bit silly...but I do remember a friend using them when she had a similar problem.

    Glad things are much better for you now and hope they continue to get even better. What an amazing find happy spinning.

    Good to meet you through Yarn Along.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I had 3 of those with my 3rd, it was horrible, sweaty then the chills, super high temp, tossing & turning in bed crying waiting for my husband to come home with the prescription (the 1st one I actually ended up in the ER), so I hope you feel better very soon !
    & I highly recommend Brave, we all went to see it & really enjoyed it ~ I'm sure you will as you lived a bit in Ireland (maybe you were able to visit Scotland??)

  3. What a bummer. Glad most everything has made a turn for the better!

    Really interested in seeing how that spinning wheel works!

  4. Goodness such worries...! Happy for you that the Tuesday brougth you better news, what a relieve.
    The spinning wheel looks interesting and I hope you will make a lot of pretty yarn with it!