Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yarn Along (completely inappropriate to the weather edition)

Yarning  Along with Ginny.
I finished the body of my Ariana Shell tonight, and now all that's left is a little ribbing at the armholes and the neckline.
The weather, as I mentioned in the title, is not at all conducive to trying on or modeling a wool sweater, sleeveless though it is, today's high was 98 or so and they predict 105 degrees tomorrow. It felt a little silly to be working on it in this weather, but I was teaching a class this evening and I always like to bring along my knitting so I can demonstrate techniques.

I am still reading How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm, and it's still really interesting.
I don't know if I love the writing, unfortunately.
The author refers to her husband babysitting her daughter, as though it's not just that he's parenting just like her...
She also refers to some practices of folks around the world as amusing, which doesn't seem the most objective adjective to use.
Picky things, I'm enjoying the information so much that I am trying to ignore these little things, but they creep up on me and annoy.
What are you reading today?
I think it'll be time for a new book for me soon.


  1. love that neckline. book sounds like one i would enjoy

  2. I love that neckline. It looks delightful. Your books sounds like an interesting read, for sure. Have to keep an open mind, I guess :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. The sweater looks great, I love the lace at the neckline! The weather here is perfect for knitting with wool unfortunately :)

  4. I think just about any knitting seems too hot for this weather! At least it's sleeveless...far more appropriate than my scarf!

    I haven't heard of that book, but it sounds interesting. Is it older? My Grandma used to say "babysit" when my Grandpa watched the kids, but it was only because in the 50s, it really was just like babysitting. She had to do everything for him before she left...make dinner, show him where they kept the bottles, what to do with the diapers etc. Childcare was so foreign to some men then. Culturally, it might still be to some.
    You're right though, it does seem odd!

  5. I love the shell! The neckline is gorgeous!
    Sounds like a very interesting book, I'll have to add that to the list ;-)

  6. Hope you're finding ways to stay cool!

    You've put your finger on some of things I haven't been too sure about about that book. For me, too, I haven't enjoyed her writing style. I'm finding most of it interesting, but some of the topics don't seem fleshed out enough or researched enough, or . . . something. I'm going to try and finish so I can count it toward our library's adult summer reading program.