Friday, July 13, 2012


I just finished my 7th consecutive day working, which is a lot for me, since I have been used to spending every day of the week home with the Elder, Younger and Youngest.
This week I taught a sewing camp at Treadle.
The girls in my class were completely delightful.
There were 6 of them and they worked their fingers to the bone finishing backpacks, pillowcases, needle books and log cabin quilts!
The quilts were a little bit of a stretch for the time that we had, and I had intended that most of the class would have to do a fair amount of finishing at home.
As it turned out, 5 of the girls completely finished, and the last one was well on her way.
I wish I had thought to bring my camera along, because their quilts were all beautiful and so different!
Tomorrow I have most of the day off, which I think will make the Youngest happy.
She has been out of sorts since I started antibiotics, and then when you add visiting my parents' house and my dear neighbor's while I was working you get a pretty cranky little lady.
Next week holds much of the same for the kiddos, though they'll get to stay home most days and have a babysitter, because I am teaching another camp at The Yarnery.
Hopefully the weather won't be quite as hot as the predictions that I have heard, since we'll be doing a lot of projects with wool.
I am having an unexpectedly quiet afternoon right now, the bigger kids are at a friend's house, the Youngest is sleeping and my piano students canceled. Time for a little guilty pleasure t.v. and some sewing on a work project.
What's on your agenda for the rest of the day?

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