Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny, though I think I may be cheating a little...
I haven't been doing that much knitting, but I did do a little hand-sewing tonight.
The Youngest is growing like a little smiley, chubby weed, and she has grown out of a bunch of her clothes.
I was a little sad when she grew out of her latest sleeper, so I decided to convert it into a little dolly so we could hang on to it.
This little star baby is inspired by a pattern in Nature Babies.
I like to use baby socks for doll heads.
They come in great colors, and I always seem to have a big pile of single socks when I finish folding the laundry.

I started reading a new book this week too.
My parents gave me Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for my birthday.
It's a great read so far.
What's on your needles tonight?


  1. I finished that book a few months ago, and loved it. In fact, I am still thinking about it on a regular basis. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Cute doll too.

  2. What a sweet cuddle doll. What a lovely fabric for the body too!

  3. I LOVE that book! My favorite chapter is the one on canning.

  4. I FINALLY joined the yarn along! I've been reading these posts for over a year, I think. I love the yarn along posts on your blog and it's high time I got involved. I am getting started on a project tonight.

  5. Animal Vegetable Miracle is one of my all-time favorites.

    Great idea for the dolly--it always kills me when they move to the next size of clothes. Those baby socks are the hardest things to keep track of aren't they!