Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Something special for Keep Calm and Craft On today.
I am making shoes.
For myself.
It's always been a little dream of mine to make my entire wardrobe from my hat to my shoes.
About a year ago I came across Shoeology and that dream became a possibility.
She has patterns for all sorts of shoes, and she has a soling material that will work out in the real world.
Around the time when I bought the pattern I happened to be at SR Harris, a local fabric warehouse, and I found this amazing stamped leather which I thought could make a swingin' pair of shoes.
The color is a little more red than this photo allows.
The first thing that the pattern says is make a trial pair of shoes, so before I cut into this stuff I decided to make a pair of shoes to wear in my ECFE class.
We're required to have shoes that haven't been out in the big dirty world but could be used outside in case of a fire drill, and I keep forgetting to bring slippers or anything of that sort, so these will be specifically for that purpose and I'll just keep them in my diaper bag.

The outer fabric is from a bag of slipcovers I got at IKEA in the as is section a long time ago, and the lining was stash as was the button.
I am really pleased with the look, though they're a little roomy. I may try these again in the 8.5 size instead of the 9. I'm also a little annoyed that I chose to machine sew the straps instead of by hand. I'll do that differently on the next one too.
What's on your creative plate today?


  1. Very cute! You should take a photo of them both finished on your feet!

  2. Wow, what an amazing project, looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

  3. What a cool project! Love to see them finished. I will have to check out Shoeology. Thank you!

  4. So awesome! I only made slippers once..the French Press Knits felted slippers..but they didn't last long and I just wished I knew how to sew a thin leather sole to the bottom of them, but I didn't know how. That website is fun! On another note, I just stumbled upon your blog from somewhere..Nicole's, I think, and I had to say "hey" because we will be in the MNPLS area by next hear. My husband is getting out of the Army and we will finally settle and live near family up there. Yay!

  5. Those are gorgeous! I love the style! I want to get into shoemaking again and I want to do something like these: http://www.amazon.com/Clarks-Womens-Faraway-Field-Oxford/dp/B0037KLI6K/ref=pd_sbs_shoe_35
    I think they are do-able, but more of a challenge! I think also want to use something other than bike tires for soles this time.
    (Oh, and about making your entire wardrobe sometime? That is so me too! A friend and I are going to start making felted hats in a bit. I'll let you know how it goes!)