Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yarn Along

Today's Yarn Along is more of a Thread Along since sewing has been foremost on my plate lately.
We're celebrating Halloween today, as many of you are as well, and I had a little last minute sewing to buzz through this morning.
The Younger has a costume that he saw at Menards a month or so ago, a faceless ghoul, which I would be happy to let him wear to school today but, unfortunately, there are no scary or violent costumes at school.
So, instead, he'll go as a dragon this afternoon and change for trick-or-treating tonight.
We didn't have a dragon costume, per se, but we did have a stegosaurus costume that my Mom made for my brother many years ago.
The Younger has worn it a few times, and it's adorable.
 So, rather than re-invent the wheel, or dragon, I made some wings this morning.
 I found possibly the last wire hanger in the house and stuck it through the wings to give them a little structure,
 In an update from last week's Keep Calm and Craft On, I finished my shoes.
They fit o.k., they're fine for inside stuff, I wore them for ECFE where I spent the whole time on the floor and they worked great for that.
 As far as knitting goes, I finished up one leg on the doll that I started two weeks ago, and the red is the beginning of her dress.
 Gratuitous cuteness of the Youngest and the Elder all dressed up for Halloween.
Be safe and eat lots of candy, All!


  1. Your sewing skills are amazing and those shoes, oh they are darling! I would love to sew shoes, but it takes me all day to just sew mitered cloth napkins.

  2. I *l*o*v*e* your shoes ~ they are soooo pretty :)

  3. The costumes are really cute, and I especially like the shoes. I might order that Mary Jane pattern.

  4. Those wings are fantastic. My oldest is a faceless ghoul this year also. You have been busy! And such cuties.

  5. All 3 look so cute! I love seeing Aurora in that pumpkin costume! It's much more seasonal for MN than it was for AZ when E wore it.