Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yarn Along

Yarn Along day!
I re-knit the first slipper for the Elder and ran out of yarn a third of the way into the second, since I had used up so much yarn in my first try.
Since I was in a knitterly place I started on a shop model for the yarn store - a doll from Knitted Dolls by Arne & Carlos.
The dolls in this book are really cool; the construction, the design aesthetic, their names, the whole book is fun from start to finish.
I'm reading The Mysterious Island right now. I had always wanted to try a novel by Jules Verne, though I had heard that his writing was pretty dense, and when I saw this was one of the free books on the Kindle I thought this might be the time to read one.
It's been a fun read so far. The story is about a group of civil war-era prisoners of war who escape the Confederates in Richmond in a balloon and are caught up in a hurricane and land on a mysterious island, though I haven't seen what makes the island so mysterious yet I think it may be dinosaurs...
This here happened right after I took the first photo -
The Youngest is working on her mobility lately, and the knitting was too tempting for her to hang out with her appropriate toys.
What's on your needles today?


  1. oh jess she is gorgeous, a wee knitter in the making!

  2. The dolls look sweet.

    Photo caption "can I have a turn?"

    enjoy the doll making.

  3. The dolls are cute! My daughter "needs" one for Christmas...maybe if I start now in the evenings after bedtime?