Thursday, October 11, 2012

Five Years.

1st, year one, year two, year three, year four (totally spaced that it was happening)

I have been keeping this blog for 5 years today.
How appropriate for my nerdy number brain that today is 10-11-12.
This year has been full of extremes.
Some amazing highs -

(photograph above by Anna Botz)

And, some pretty awful lows - rough labor, big medical bills, cancer for a dear one.
But through all of these things and the everyday beauty and wonder, you have stuck by us and it's been amazing.
I should say it more often than once a year, but this place, this virtual place to list my day to day activities, has been such a boon for me.
I have made wonderful friends, kept in touch with friends who might have been lost along the way, been inspired in so many ways, it's a joy for me that I can't quite express.
Thanks for hanging out with me.


Wendy said...

Happy 5 years; always enjoy stopping by your space! That picture of the littlest with the grandparents is just priceless.

nest full of eggs said...

happy 5th blog anniversary !

Ms.DCB said...

I have to say that Annie is looking Tres Chic rocking that deep side part and asymmetrical bob.
Love you, Jess!

Someday I will become a good blogger like you!