Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Obsession

I have been having some trouble with impulse control lately.
About a month ago I had an hour to spare, and I had an uncontrollable urge to get a piercing in my upper ear.
I drove way out of my way, went to the mall, walked directly to the Piercing Pagoda and got it done.
It was a strange experience.

Last night I had a similarly difficult urge to deny, but since it involved no pain at all I went with it.

Again, I had a little time to kill between dinner and an event, so I popped in to my local art store.
I got some watercolor paper and a keen travel watercolor set.

Amy at angrychicken is partially to blame, since I had just read her post about botanical lettering and had art on the brain.

I decided to try out a couple of letters, and I am totally hooked.
The first one I pretty much copied from the tutorial Amy posted, since it was a J, and that's my initial. I drew the letter freehand, since I was using a watercolor pad, and the pages are glued down. I was working with a smaller piece of paper, so I compacted the design.

With Brian (my husband) I made it up, and I think it came out pretty well.

After it was finished he asked if I used plants beginning with B on purpose, but it hadn't even occurred to me, I just chose bleeding hearts because we have them in our garden, and I love my husband.

With The Elder, I went with plants that begin with A - artemesia and apple blossom.
We have an H and another A to go, I am really loving the challenge of finding plants that can work within the framework of a letter shape.

It's always been a goal of mine to be better at drawing and it was very satisfying to find a compact project with which to practice.
The life-changing part of this exercise is that I have been trying for a very long time to draw more realistic trees, and I couldn't figure out my block until I really studied some botanical art and noticed that the line should wiggle a little.
Really, I don't know if I can accurately express how this discovery made my day.
I am so pleased with how they are coming out, and I could see just doing an entire alphabet for The Younger's room.
I'll see how I feel after three more initials...

As a completely unrelated aside, did anyone else watch The Last Man on Earth? The Hubs and I just howled through the whole thing.


  1. So lovely!
    And I really like reading the story behind it - so fun and lively :-)

  2. I am a J too. I love your J, especially as it has my favourite flower, daffodil. You must be glad you went with your impulse on this as the results are beautiful.

  3. So very beautiful. An entire alphabet would be stunning! You are very talented.

  4. They are both lovely - well done!

  5. These are beautiful. I love the intricate design and the colors really pop. Lovely.

  6. Wow, your letters are amazing! I cannot draw at all and am very envious!