Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Quiet Afternoon

It was pointed out to me yesterday that I have been neglecting my little corner of the internet.
I have a couple of good reasons, first (and most importantly) something was up with my computer, and it wouldn't let me access Blogger.
I could still get it on my phone, but blogging from my phone is a laborious process, and I am fundamentally a lazy person.
The other reason is that I have been busy with knitting and haven't had the energy (due to lack of sleep, as a certain soon-to-be 3-year-old, still likes to come into our bed at night, and wake everyone up) to post about it.
I made a sweater for a customer, and a second sweater for myself.
The customer sweater came and went without a photo, even though it came out to short in the arms, and I had to take it back for elongation...
The sweater for myself is the Swivel Pullover from last winter's Interweave Knits magazine.

It came out cozy and schlumpy, which I like a lot, though with the way the cables wrap around (the main reason I chose this pattern) it really highlights m' yass.

Well, what are you gonna do?

The really awesome thing about this sweater is that it used up stash I have had for 5-6 years.
Also, it took a week.
That was pretty great too.
(don't ask how much laundry was done or how much tv the preschooler watched...)

There's not much more to share.
I spend all the afternoons I can in front of this beautiful scene.

Yesterday I was gazing out over the river, the soft sounds of a snoring Youngest in the backseat, and a bald eagle glided down to look for fish.
It was wonderful.
What's on your needles lately?


  1. What a gorgeous view! Love the details on the sweater.

  2. Thanks for posting--if for no other reason because now I know I am not the only parent of an almost-three-year-old who crawls into bed with us every night. :) Great sweater!

    1. For reals, I could kiss daylight savings for keeping The Youngest in her bed for one more hour kast night. It's been every night for weeks that I'll wake up with a girl on my face.