Sunday, March 29, 2015

Something New

Rather than follow my usual modus opperandus for Easter dress production (that is, working late into the night before, or the morning of) I thought I'd try something new this year.
I planned ahead.
I bought the fabric months ago, it was on clearance at the New Year's sale. I cut out a bodice right away, and then it lost priority to other projects. However, this afternoon I squeezed in an hour or two at the sewing table and finished it up.
My original bodice was of a cotton broadcloth, but as the skirt is knit it made more sense to go with a knit bodice as well. I re-purposed a t-shirt, though I had to bring it in a bit, the only solid tee I found was a size 6X. I added a ribbon sash after I attached the skirt, and voila! A super fast Easter dress.

(It is nigh on impossible to take a photo in focus of a dancing-nearly-three-year-old)

The Elder's outfit is a bit of a sticky wicket. I want to make something for her, but she is SO over dresses.
I think I'll applique some flowers from my leftover fabric on a tee, and call it a day.

What's on your creative plate today? 


  1. She's gotten so big! The dress is darling. I'm trying to work up my nerve to graduate to dresses, but so far I've stuck to skirts. I've gotten as far as tracing patterns--onto Swedish tracing paper, but can't seem to make the leap to fabric. That's my goal for this spring. Easter isn't possible though. :)

  2. I love the dress. I also love the idea of just embellishing a T rather than putting all that work into something she won't want to wear.

  3. That skirt is gorgeous and the ribbon finishes it off perfectly.