Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New fun

I have a couple more friends who are expecting tiny bundles this year.
Last year I gave my two closest birth-giving friends blankets.
I knitted one and quilted the other.
I have to say that I wasn't perfectly happy with either project.
My quilting skills are not the best, and the knitted blanket was made of squares and it didn't come out as even as I might have liked.
I thought for these babes I would try dolls.
I bought a pattern for a Waldorf Baby Doll from Wonderment about 6 months ago, just to try it, some friends of mine from the Yarnery took a Waldorf Doll-Making class and they really liked it.
I have a primal fear of sewing on knits, even the Sew U book did not help my phobia, but this pattern came right together.
I am not sure if I am completely happy with the button joints, they seem a little too floppy to me, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt.
I did get the doll assembled yesterday but the Elder Hug-a-Bug appropriated it for bedtime so I didn't get a photo.
A trip to the Yarn store for some hair is the next item on my agenda.

Please keep the victims of the Hugo, MN tornado in your thoughts.


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  1. Stubbled over from Sugar City. I had to comment, because I just decided to attempt a doll too (with no instructions). I have a the pieces stuffed, but now have no idea how to sew them all together!