Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tra La! It's May!!!!!

April has done its part with the showers and so forth.
Let's hope that May holds up its end of the bargain with some flowers!

Now I have to perform my traditional May 1st custom.
I must listen to "The Lusty Month of May" from Camelot at least 3 times.

Happy May!


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  1. You’ve been tagged!

    Using the top 100 yarns on Ravelry (by number of projects), tell the world what you think of the yarns you've worked with or would like to use. You get to add comments as desired, and then pass the meme along to five other knitters/crocheters. Link back to the originator and the person who tagged you. That’d be me. :-) Links and further details can be found at today’s post:

    Woo hoo - yarny games!