Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank You

Yesterday was the last day of Choir School at House of Hope.
We did some sight-reading and cleaned out folders.

I got to take the kids up in groups of 10 or so to see the bells in the bell tower, really fun.

We had our end-of-year potluck, and gave out awards.

At the end the director Sofia, and I got flowers from the parents and we both recieved a journal from one of the boys in my 2nd & 3rd grade group.

It was so touching to see the card that my little student had written.

I love my Choir School work.
So Thank You back, Choir School.
Thanks for making each year more fun than the last.
I am so enjoying watching the kids grow.
This is my 8th year in my current position and it has been my pleasure to watch unsure and squirrely 2nd and 3rd graders grow into confident, and still goofy young adults.
I have been present through 3 directors, 7 if you count my entire history with the choir since age 9, and I am really proud to be a part of this program right now.
My friend Sofia is such a talented director and you can see that the kids really respect and love her.
Not an easy feat.
I don't think anyone from choir reads this weblog, but I hope that they can all feel the positive feelings I am sending out.
Have a quiet Thursday,

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