Sunday, July 6, 2008

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Thanks for humoring me during my vacation photo-a-thon.

I took about 830 pictures on my trip and have weeded them down to about 720.

I may throw a picture or two in from time to time as I feel the urge.

This is the Dom in Cologne. The choir performed here for about 15 minutes and it was very very cool.

Back to business as usual.

I got a lot done on my Rogue sweater while I was gone.

What with riding in planes and busses and boats and trains I got the body done to the armholes.

As a warning, I will say that if you are on your second plane ride after a 10 hour flight (10 hours with no knitting because the security agent told you to pack your needles even though everyone who didn't ask got to bring theirs because the other security folks didn't care about knitting) think twice about shaping armholes. I had to rip out both upper fronts and I don't mind telling you it was painful.
As a complete non sequitor, the weather here in Saint Paul is HOT HOT HOT and the Hug-a-Bugs had a terrific time in the backyard pool this afternoon.

Have a good night,

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  1. Wow, lucky you! I'm sure you had a fantastic vacation!