Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was poking about on Flickr one day and I came across this picture.
With rising costs of oil and natural gas, there is a growing number of folks who will be keeping the temperature in their houses quite low.

Jean Lee at NestMaine is accepting donations of hats and fingerless mittens and scarves and cowls and anything to help out. She is requesting that folks use up stash yarn and I took up the challenge.

I had some Prime Alpaca left over from my Jess Sweater and I also have bags, and baskets, and bins of stash yarn in single balls, so I jumped in and made a couple of pairs of fingerless mittens and a hat.

I send them off today, and I hope that they can fulfill their purpose.

On another note, I have posted a sum-up about my kids camp on the Yarnery Blog.

I had such fun with the class, but those four hours of working every day wiped me out.

I am clearly out of practice after these 2 1/2 years of being a 3/4 time stay at home mom.

Have a lovely Saturday,


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  1. Jess! Thank you so much. Your beautiful mitts and that stunning hat arrived today. (Yes, I did try it on and it is GORGEOUS!) Truly, they are wonderful. Thank you for helping.