Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween recap

I have been reading on others blogs that there are folks who seriously dislike this holiday.
The prep, the candy-buying, the subsequent candy-hiding.
I did have my negative thoughts last night when the kids were still coming down off the sugar an hour and a half after bedtime, but overall my husband and I had fun and the kids had a ton of fun. This was the Younger Hug-a-Bug's first time going out trick-or-treating. He had a cold last year, and the year before he was asleep.
Here they are, Spiderman and a Princess. I threw together some trick-or-treat bags before they went out,
and they came back completely full.

One thing that I find so delightful about being a mom is remembering my childhood and seeing my kids loving the stuff I loved.
I LOVED Halloween.
It was so fun to walk around the neighborhood, though I often went to my friend's neighborhood, and see everyone's costumes and then the candy orgy afterward, how I loved that!
We toned down the candy aspect this year, only 2 pieces, o.k. 4, that's the last one! alright one more...
As I said, we paid for our indulgence, but what the heck, Halloween only comes once a year and we all brushed our teeth really well.
I hope you all had fun too.

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