Monday, November 10, 2008


The Hug-a-Bugs have a game.
The Younger says "Hey, say '(something)' "
The Elder says "(something)"

Yesterday I hear-
Younger: "Say 'You're a Genius' "
Elder: "You're a Genius!"
Younger: "I sure am!"

Today, as he is running away with her toast-
Younger: "Say 'You took my toast! You took my toast!' "
Elder: "You took my toast!"

To the tool report: I discovered a new invaluable tool at our house this morning.
I looked over at the piano and I noticed that about 8 keys were depressed.
My first thought was that something was wrong with the hammers inside the case, but I discovered to my dismay that the Younger had inserted quarters between those keys and they were stuck.
After doing a little freaking out, I pulled out my trusty IKEA Smaka cheese slicer and slid it between the keys. I was able to brace it against the quarters one at a time and drag them free.
I did manage to lose one or two inside the piano, but at least all the keys work now.

One of those days, I guess.

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