Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and a little silliness

We celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday.
The day started out great and ended so-so.
We, the Hug-a-Bugs, the Hubby and myself set off for Thanksgiving breakfast at my parents' house.
It was delightful.
My brother and his family were there and I got to spend some super together time with my nephew. He is 7 and a real joy.
We played some goofy games and had a lot of fun.
Then we came home and I made the dinner.
I don't know nothing about baking no birds.
We had Thanksgiving here 2 years ago, and the turkey took about an hour longer than we expected.
This year, we made a chicken and I thought it was done 15 minutes early, so I rushed all the sides to the table, and then I saw that the chicken was, in fact, not done.
So, back into the oven for the bird.
We ended up eating room-temp sides and then having chicken for dessert.
Oh, well.
We have a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which is spending so much family time in one day.
Actually, the dinner wasn't a complete disaster.
I got on the list to test recipes for Cook's Country Magazine and I tested a carrot cake recipe for the non-chicken dessert.
It turned out really tasty.
The frosting was the best part. Neufchatel, Marshmallow Fluff and a little powdered sugar.
Light, tangy, mmmmm.
I didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving, but I do have these;

The other day the Hug-a-Bugs got into my sewing stuff and asked if they could build some robots with the sewing machine attachments.

The Elder put this one together, and insisted upon taking her own photos.

I love two things here, first his hair is made of tiny bolts, and he is holding a little wrench.

I hope that you get in some family together-time if you haven't yet this weekend,



  1. Hey Jess, I like your new banner! And it sounds like your Thanksgiving was great, even with chicken for dessert...:) Cool robots, too!

  2. Hi Jess -
    Yes I've been a lurker on your blog for a while.
    No More T-Day Disasters!!!
    Send me your email and I will let you in on the easiest and best Turkey Recipe EVER!
    Uncle Fred
    PS - the kids look cute!