Thursday, October 22, 2009


So, last week I wove a scarf that I wasn't too excited about.My weaving teacher recommended that we use variegated yarn for the first weaving projects to hide mistakes. I did that, and I wanted a challenge so I tried all one color, and I could see my mistakes, but I could also not see anything very interesting.
So, I felted the scarf down and added some needle-felting and I came up with this-It is quite floppy along the edges, I am choosing to embrace this, and the fringe looks a little worse for the wear, probably will get a trim, but ultimately I think I made the right choice.
The yarn was 100% undyed alpaca and the resulting felty scarf is warmer and cozier than you can imagine.
I used some handspun (by me) yarn for the swirls, I was going for a winter wind kind of thing.

We have a craft and baked goodies sale next week at church and this is one of my offerings.
I will also bring the PINK scarf that I made last week.This week has been about coziness and goodies, and that's just fine with me.


  1. The needle felting is nice. And if I remember correctly the pink scarf isn't your style, so a fundraiser sale is a perfect idea. Mark is as handmade and I'm positive someone will go ga-ga over it. Oddly, there are a lot of pink lovers out there.

  2. I want the same obsession.... I have only woven a rag rug... but it was fun! Satisfying for an impatient person like me!