Saturday, October 24, 2009

diy forest

As I mentioned the other day, the weather here has been really weird lately.
We have had the rainiest October that I can remember, and there have been a few days of snow already.
This, combined with myriad factors that seem to keep me inside (contractor in the bathroom, sick kids, etc.) has made for some long indoor days.

And, earlier this week, when it was actually nice enough to go out to the woods we saw this -
So yesterday, when we had a lovely mix of giant soggy snow blobs falling from the sky and rain, we decided to build a city out of blocks complete with an ocean, a farm, a savanna and a forest.
Not quite the same as being out in it, but it did help.


  1. I hear it's official, it's been the rainiest month ever! Love to hear about how the family is doing - stay dry!!
    your daddy!

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  3. I love that you were able to bring creativity and imagination to your day even with this change of plans.
    Many warm wishes!

  4. well, rain, can't do anything about that. I think your indoor forrest is perfect!