Monday, October 12, 2009


I work in a yarn store, as I have previously mentioned, frequently, but I don't know if I shared that the yarn store is owned by a company that makes wooden toys and rigid heddle looms.
I wish we sold the toys in the yarn store, but we don't.
We do however sell the looms.
Well, I decided that if we sell looms then I should learn how to use them so I would be a better salesperson and that is why I signed up for the weaving class that I spoke of last week.

What I didn't know it how satisfying it is to weave a scarf in a couple of hours, or how quickly I would become obsessed.

This may be the year that everyone I know gets a scarf for Christmas.

Since I finished my first project on Saturday at class I have woven two more scarves.

The first two were warped with fingering weight yarns, and the third was with a lace weight.
I'm not totally sold on the third one.
It could be the color.
I was using up some stash...

Anyway, all I can think about is getting back to the yarn store to lay out a couple of more warps to do more and more scarves.

I have to give the loom back at the end of class, it's only a loaner.
Maybe by the end of class I will have this out of my system.
If not, I guess I'm buying a loom.


  1. I'm with on this - i have one of Theresa's looms I have to return, and may be buying one myself. Looks like a good stash burner.

  2. I need another hobby like a giant hole in my head, but OMG I think I need to learn weaving now. That second scarf is gorgeous.

  3. The second one is my favorite too!

  4. Seeing these scarves makes me want to dust off the ol' neglected tabletop sitting in the basement. Those are very cool.

  5. Your scarves are gorgeous! Just as an aside, weaving is a great way to use handspun singles. :)

  6. how exciting! the scarves are gorgeous and i'd love to learn how to weave... but where would I find the time? man, having a job is a bummer.

  7. Jen, the class I am taking is on Saturdays, you should sign up next session!

    Nan, the grey/green scarf is woven with a handspun single.

    I can definitely see the need for me to pick up that spindle again.

  8. I want to weave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ok.
    you are so buying a loom.
    these are fantastic!

  10. Thanks Erin!
    Also, I almost bought a kid's loom when I was at work yesterday for my daughter. Is it being a bad mom if I was going to buy her one just so I could get my loaner back since I just warped her a project for herself?

  11. I am so out of the loop. I did not know this fabulous craft was a possibility... I am in definite awe! Beautiful work, Jess!