Friday, August 27, 2010

MPR News Q

One of my photos from the fair was featured on the MPR News Q!
A few months ago they approached me, as a local photographer, to submit photos for their website.
I was surprised, but very honored.
I have submitted a few photos since then, and they chose one in May.
It's kind of awesome to see my photo up there with the amazing photos of my fellow Minnesotans.
That made my day.
I hope your Friday is just as fun!


  1. That is so cool! Great pictures!

  2. That is an awesome photo - congrats!!

  3. Yes! I'm very proud of you and your work - and so are all of us at the Daily Bugle! You're one of our best cub reporters! Now, get out there and find me more scoops! And a picture of Spiderman!![J. Jonah Jameson]

  4. i went & saw the photo... congrats :)

  5. That is a GREAT photo! Love it and congratulations!!!