Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sun Tea

Hey, has anyone made Sun Tea?
This is my first time.
How long do I let it steep?

I left it out in the yard for a few hours, and now it's in the fridge.
I used some Elderberry Tea that I bought in a convenience store in WY on our whirlwind tour in June.
This stuff is so good! I foresee many more batches before the end of the Summer.
Why, oh why did I think I didn't like iced tea?


  1. we make it often -- usually berry zinger. just steep until it looks ready (how's that for accuracy??) - really, the time needed varies by temp and intensity of the sun.

  2. that iced tea you buy out of the cooler at the gas station is icky. but real ice-tea, brewed at home, is amazing. my grandparents always had a pitcher in their window.

  3. can't do Sun Tea anymore, it grosses me out now. Iced tea is yummy, but I just make it in the fridge now.


    (this is my friend Amy's blog)

  4. Be careful about making Sun Tea outside because there are concerns about bacteria growth. (I suppose that is what Rebecca's link says...)
    But we make it in the fridge too and love it.