Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a quiet moment

The past few days have been really busy.
This week is another kids' camp, sewing this time, and my mornings are spent teaching.
Monday I came home and passed out on the couch while the kids watched T.V.
Not particularly my finest mama moment, but what can you do?
Yesterday there was a blackout in our neighborhood and so we went to hide from the heat at the movies. When we got home, we headed out for our last night of t-ball, quickly followed by a potluck with the neighbors for National Night Out.

Today we are waiting for a tow truck to come and take away our car, so we're forced to take it easy and stay at home.
This is just my speed.


  1. oh man. sometimes i have no idea how i will manage kids. i can barely handle working and making dinner on a daily basis. i could use some quiet moments.

  2. I've been in the mood for a good, lazy month myself...I feel like we get so busy sometimes, and right now all's I wanna do is be a homebody.