Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy, Again

I have had a premonition that I won't be here very often in the next few weeks.
It's for a great reason, I have lots of orders, and that means I will be spending all of my time knitting.
The last 5 days were a whirlwind of Christmas Stockings and finishing up the Fresco Vest.That weird splotch is a dry spot on the back, the rest is still wet from blocking.

I would be knitting another stocking right now, if I hadn't run out of yarn.
That means that I have to make a trip to the yarn store this morning before I go to see HARRY POTTER!!!!! with the husband.

One big event that I missed while engrossed in the knitting was the giant snowstorm that we had last Saturday.
It was really snowy.
For Real.

I didn't even go out to take any photos, my hands were too full of yarn to pick up the camera.
A couple of days later, after the bulk of the snow had melted, we had a day of cute flurries.
I hope wherever you are, you're nice and cozy.

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